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Big Board

For most of you might remember the large bulletin board in the cafeteria which was a central source of information. It is was started by a very imaginative character by the name of Dan Cressman. His pioneering vision of communication was welcomed by the masses.  Here it is, the new millenium’s version of BIG BOARD.

Unlike the forums at Yahoo and at the many ‘free’ forums, this one has no forced advertising and is completely controlled by the webmaster.  In order to use it, all you have to do is register.  By registering, your name is also put in a database that can then be searched by other people.  Currently all this is for free, unlike the services charged by ClassMates.


  • organized by categories and topics
  • start new topics
  • change contents of your topic/reply after posting
  • change your profile anytime, so your email can always be up to date
  • only registered members can see your profile
  • can get email notification upon every post to a specific topic (ie if searching for someone, you can be notified when someone replies - saves going back to topic all the time

Some Tips:

  • try to fill out your BIO/Latest News so people will know what became of you
  • for females, use your maiden name (easier to search for) as the last name and put your current name in the BIO

    Go ahead and enjoy BIG BOARD.

A new version of Big Board with social media.  Let’s stay in touch.

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